Learning how to provide SEL Through Play

Course Overview COVID-19 means children around the world must adjust to school closure, social distancing, school reopening (but looking different), and the probability of more school closures in future. These changes will impact children’s academic outcomes as well as challenge their mental health and socio-emotional […]

WW1 Heroism: Through Art and Film

Course Overview The centenary of the First World War is a time for reflection and exploration. In this short course you will discover just some of the ways that heroism is portrayed through art and film. You will explore recruitment posters and the messages they […]

Why Does Media Matter for Development?

Course Overview This comprehensive four-week course will show you the ways that international development is conceptualised, imagined and communicated as an area of study. You’ll decipher the ways in which these understandings impact individuals living in different parts of the world, and how the media […]

Understanding Fashion: From Business to Culture

Course Overview Curious about how the fashion industry has transformed and shaped Western culture over the last 150 years? This 4-week course delves into the fashion world and investigates fashion as both a cultural phenomenon and a creative industry. You’ll explore the interaction between fashion, […]

Storytelling for Social Change

Course Overview On this course, you’ll discover the secrets of storytelling from expert performers and artists. Stories are a powerful way to engage an audience and deliver impact. Using characters creates empathy, and makes people more open-minded to hearing something new or engaging with a […]

Short Film in Language Teaching

Course Overview Learners of a new language face exciting challenges in developing their abilities to speak, listen, read and write and in learning about other cultures. Through short film, teachers can bring new worlds into the classroom and bring language learning alive. Research has shown […]

Pop Art

Course Overview Pop Art changed the world – influencing fields as diverse as graphic design, philosophy, music, and advertising. But how did Pop Art really begin? And what do we know about its most famous artists? Learning alongside top educators and curators from the internationally […]