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Course Overview

Discover the skills and tools you need to learn online effectively 

This course is designed to give students the digital edge to succeed as an online learner at university and set you on the path to achieving your learning goals. 

Take the first step in your online learning journey 

On this interactive course, you’ll discover what successful online learning looks like, and reflect on how you can contribute collaboratively online, and find your own online support groups. 

You’ll identify the tools and resources you need to get the most out of your independent learning and studies. 

As you learn how to develop and professionalize your online identity and safeguard your online presence, you’ll pick up the skills required to thrive as a lifelong learner in today’s rapidly changing digital world. 

  • Taking charge of your learning 
  • Setting goals and establishing good learning habits 
  • Creating the right places and spaces for learning 
  • Managing collaboration and effective online relationships 
  • Developing your online support network 
  • Harnessing digital tools and online resources 
  • Looking after your digital well-being and flourishing online 
  • Managing and professionalizing your online identity 

This course is designed for higher education students at all levels who’d like to enhance their online learning experience. 

It’s also suitable for those who want to become more capable online learners for their chosen careers. 

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to… 
  • Reflect on and apply different ways of thinking. 
  • Develop good study habits and create your space for learning. 
  • Engage more effectively with instructors and online content. 
  • Contribute successfully to online collaborations with peers. 
  • Identify digital tools and online resources relevant to your learning. 
  • Identify and make the most of your wider support network. 
  • Improve and manage your online identity. 
  • Discuss your well-being and know how to flourish online. 
  • Ozone Certificate