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Course Overview

Join us in our quest to discover what makes microbes dangerous. Use bioinformatics to probe genomes, to explore and represent DNA and protein sequences. Then, use databases to find protein sequences’ conserved domains and investigate their functions.

Introduction to DNA and protein sequences

  • Gene and Protein sequences
  • Primary databases

From Sequence to Function

  • Homology searches
  • Biological databases
  • Concluding discussion, reflection with next steps, and acknowledgments

The course will be of interest to undergraduates, post-graduates, researchers, bioinformaticians, biomedical researchers, microbiologists, healthcare professionals and all those who are interested in learning about the underlying mechanisms of bacterial disease, DNA sequences and protein data, or how to use online analytical tools to probe genomes.

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…
  • Assess DNA representations and protein sequences
  • Perform searches in primary databases (repositories) and retrieve gene/protein data
  • Interpret different repository submission formats
  • Investigate biological databases for research
  • Identify the putative function of proteins based on their conserved domains