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Course Overview

Ethical behaviour brings significant benefits to businesses such as attracting employees, customers and investors. But failure to manage it properly can create huge challenges. On this course, you’ll discover big data and tax avoidance.

You’ll examine the benefits and ethical challenges inherent to big data, including the issues of privacy and data security. You’ll learn what tax avoidance is and discover how globalisation is increasing the likelihood of its occurrence. You’ll also hear from experts on key ethical arguments for and against tax avoidance as you work through prominent case studies.

Big data
  • Big data and the law
  • Exploring the value of big data
  • Identifying the ethical challenges raised by big data use
Tax avoidance
  • Exploring tax avoidance
  • Can task avoidance be justified?
  • Identifying the ethical problems of tax avoidance

This course is designed for anyone interested in exploring two of the biggest business ethics problems. The course will be useful for professionals working in small or larger organisations but also for anyone studying business or ethics at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

By the end of the course you will receive an Ozone certification.  This certification is evidence that you are able to…
  • Explore the ethical complexities of business practices.
  • Explain the limits of legal regulation in determining the ethical course of action within business.
  • Debate the ethics of business practices around big data and tax avoidance.
  • Critically evaluate your own opinions about the ethics of business.

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