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Course Overview

This online course provides an efficient introduction to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with older people. You’ll first cover the basic theory and practice of CBT, before focussing on how working with older people can be different, because of comorbidity, complexity, chronicity, and continuity and contextual factors.


You’ll also become knowledgeable about normal and healthy ageing – as well as late life depression and anxiety disorders – which may influence your expectations for optimal treatment outcomes when using CBT with older people.

  • Demographic change and normal ageing
  • CBT with older people
  • Wisdom enhancement, lifeskills, timelines and CBT with older people

This course is designed for clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, allied health professionals, nurses and Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) professionals, who come into contact with older people in clinical practice.

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…
  • Discuss CBT theory and how this is relevant for effective treatment outcome.
  • Describe normal ageing and how this may be important when using CBT for late life depression and the anxiety disorders.
  • Develop a working knowledge of the latest evidence on efficacy of CBT with Older People.
  • Describe an age-appropriate approach to CBT and when it may be used.
  • Create a treatment plan for CBT with Older People.