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Course Overview

During this course, you’ll explore the various elements that make up your professional online presence and learn how to exist online without affecting your employability. You’ll consider your privacy and security settings, and discover how what you post might impact different audiences. 

You’ll also explore the suitability of different online platforms for your social media presence and discover the impact that conduct and tone can have on your professional reputation online. 

  • Explore the concept of online presence for professional purposes 
  • Evaluate your online presence for employability 
  • Evaluate the most suitable platform for your needs 
  • Identify different classes of communication strategies using different platforms and formats 
  • Develop and plan for developing and maintaining your own effective online professional presence

This course is designed for people who have digital skills but would like to build confidence in using digital technology in the workplace. This may include those studying for A-levels, those who have a degree or those who want to improve their career prospects. 

The course will also be useful for anyone in employment who wants to boost their digital skills or anyone returning to the workplace who’d like to gain confidence in how working practices have evolved. 

By the end of the course you will receive an Ozone certification.  This certification is evidence that you are able to 
  • Explain the direct and indirect activities that contribute to online presence 
  • Evaluate your online presence 
  • Improve your personal professional presence 
  • Compare different platforms to analyse their suitability for your needs 
  • Classify communications strategies 
  • Develop a plan for an effective online presence