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From developments in healthcare to keeping cities safe, we’ve found a huge variety of useful ways of using data collection and sharing. But how does collecting data affect our personal privacy? And, how much should we trust algorithmic fairness? 

As society grapples with defining shared values regarding what is okay and what isn’t when it comes to data, you’ll examine how data impacts on our principles of fairness, accountability, and transparency, and discover why it’s important we develop a shared set of societal values when it comes to data ethics. 

While laws will be mentioned in places, this course will invite you to take a compliance viewpoint, where you think not in terms of what one can do (legally), but instead in terms of what one should do.

  • This course will establish a basic foundation in the notion of simple utilitarian ethics and introduce the Principle of Informed Consent 
  • This course will examine data privacy and anonymity 
  • This course will discuss data validity and algorithmic fairness 
  • This course will cover societal consequences of Data Science that we should be concerned about even if there are no issues with fairness, validity, anonymity, privacy, ownership or human subjects research

This course is designed for data scientists and enthusiasts interested in developing their understanding of how data science impacts our society, for better or worse. 

By the end of the course you will receive an Ozone certification.  This certification is proof that you are able to 
  • Utilize the framework provided in the course to analyze concerns related to data science ethics. 
  • Explore the broader impact of the data science field on modern society and the principles of fairness, accountability and transparency. 
  • Examine the need for voluntary disclosure when leveraging metadata to inform basic algorithms and/or complex artificial intelligence systems. 
  • Learn best practices for responsible data management. 
  • Gain an understanding of the significance of the Fair Information Practices Principles Act and the laws concerning the “right to be forgotten.

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