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Course Overview

Curiosity is one of humanity’s most important characteristics. It has enabled us to make the unknown known, to break barriers and to shine a light on all aspects of life, from our day to day hobbies to the exploration of the stars. Our innate desire to explore is responsible for many of our proudest achievements. This course will help train you to harness your curiosity and use it to undertake your own research projects in a scholarly manner. 

Developed and delivered by research-active academics, the course will support you with every step of the research process, from developing a hypothesis and finding sources to writing up and presenting one’s findings. 

The practical, hands-on lessons will give you the opportunity to share your ideas with fellow researchers from all over the world, to receive peer feedback on your research proposals and enable you to review and comment on the work of other researchers, building a supportive community of like-minded curious learners.

  • Academic research: principles and definition 
  • Drafting and developing research proposals 
  • Gathering information from literature and from findings 
  • Research methods: choosing an appropriate methodology 
  • Academic reading and note taking 
  • Referencing, plagiarism, and academic integrity 
  • Academic writing: organising sources, structuring essays 
  • Academic writing: summarising a research project into an abstract 
  • Academic presentations: preparation and delivery 

There are no specific course requirements, other than a curious disposition and desire to undertake some academic research. 

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to… 
  • Develop a research hypothesis 
  • Formulate research questions 
  • Summarise a research proposal 
  • Assess the validity of a research proposal 
  • Justify the choice of a specific research methodology 
  • Explore academic literature about a specific research subject 
  • Prepare a presentation to illustrate the key components of your specific research project 
  • Ozone Certificate