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Course Overview

Social media and digital technology have upended the traditional marketing and communications landscape, with even big brands struggling to connect with a new, digital culture.

On this course, you’ll learn key insights into how brands can connect with their audience in the emerging world of digital media.

  • Creative advertising & marketing
  • Creative strategy design
  • Digital design & strategy
  • Social media content creation
  • Critical and contextual theory related to communication design
  • Emerging creative practice in relation to communication design

This course would appeal to industry professionals looking to better understand the new communication landscape. It would also benefit designers wanting to expand their repertoire, creative professionals looking to discover how world-class brands communicate, and anyone needing to understand social media marketing and communication beyond ‘how to’ guides and algorithms

By the end of the course you will receive an Ozone certification.  This certification is evidence that you are able to…
  • Experiment and test to creatively disrupt
  • Synthesise creative methodologies to support creative insight
  • Investigate strategies for building networks and establishing creative influence
  • Evaluate key practical creative methodologies related to emerging practice within contemporary communication design
  • Investigate practical strategies for the design of creative communication
  • Interpret the practical & conceptual context of contemporary communication design.
  • Identify & utilise key critical and theoretical frameworks related to contemporary communication design