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Course Overview

On this course, you will discover the practice of goal setting in a primary care context. You will learn what goal-setting is and how it can help those living with multimorbidity. Through three interactive sessions, you will you explore and understand the different steps of goal-setting and learn how to put it into practice with your patients. You will be supported by experts, as you reflect on the benefits and challenges of the practice and evaluate your own readiness to become a goal-setting GP.

  • Setting goals with patients with multimorbidity – a ‘how to’ guide
  • Setting goals – putting it into practice
  • Consolidating learning and exploring challenges

This course is designed for GPs of all levels (GP trainees, newly trained, qualified or experienced in general practice) looking to use goal-setting with patients living with multiple long term conditions.

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…
  • Recognise the role of patient preparation in the (initiation of) the goal-setting process
  • Explore approaches to eliciting and legitimising goals through active listening and recognising patient cues
  • Describe how to work collaboratively with patients to agree specific and realistic goals
  • Apply learning to clinical practice with patients
  • Evaluate the experience of applying goal-setting to real world practice
  • Explore challenges to goal setting
  • Identify how to discuss and record ongoing goal attainment over time with patients living with multimorbidity
  • Summarise the goal-setting process