Course Overview

Strengthen data security with identity and access management

This cyber security training course will introduce you to identity and access management.

Identity and access management is a key tool in data security. It describes the processes by which different users are granted certain data permissions and under what contexts.

This supports data security by ensuring that sensitive information can only be accessed by select users, at select times. Through identity and access management, the possibility of breaches and cyber attacks is greatly reduced.

Once cyber resilience is strengthened, you can focus data security processes on key moments of vulnerability. Identity and access management also serve to reduce the risk of human error, the greatest cause of data breaches.

This course will introduce you to key identity management models and tools, to help increase cyber resilience at your organization.

Week 1
  • Welcome to the Course
  • What is Identity and Access Management?
  • Governance: Part 1
  • Governance: Part 2
Week 2
  • Understanding Identification and Authentication
  • Welcome to Week 2
  • Key Concepts: Identification
  • Key Concepts: Authentication
  • Biometric Authentication
  • Summary
Week 3
  • Understanding Authorization
  • Welcome to Week 3
  • Key Concepts: Authorization Part 1
  • Key Concepts: Authorization Part 2
Week 4
  • The Role of Organizational Processes in Identity and Access Management
  • Welcome to Week 4
  • Organizational Processes: Part 1
  • Organizational Processes: Part 2

This cyber security training is aimed at IT professionals who want to understand how to protect their organization from cyber attacks. This might include data administrators, those working with sensitive data, or those targeting a career in cyber security.

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…
  • Describe identity and access management
  • Explain the importance of identity and access management
  • Identify important topics to consider in identity and access management
  • Explain how identification is used in identity and access management
  • Explain how authentication is used in identity and access management
  • Describe the different types of permissions used in authorization processes
  • Explain why organisational processes are important for identity and access management

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