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Course Overview

Discover what drives research impact and why 

University research has always made a difference to human understanding. Sadly, the importance of this work isn’t always communicated to the world outside of academia – leading many academics to believe that research is undervalued in society. 

In this course, you’ll discover how to co-create research impact with a wide range of stakeholders, such as industry and government. You’ll also learn to communicate the benefits that impact-driven research brings to the economy and society. Ultimately, you’ll be able to better understand, communicate and create research impact. 

Week 1 
  • Research impact 
  • An introduction to research impact 
  • Research impact vision 
Week 2 
  •  Co-creating research impact with stakeholders 
  • Working with others and finding the perfect partner 
  • Co-creation hubs 
 Week 3 
  • Shaping policy and research impact empowerment 
  • Shaping policy 
  • Research impact empowerment for you and your community

This course would be of value to anyone involved in the Higher Education sector, including postgraduate students, all grades of academic staff (from young investigators to senior academics) and non-academic research professionals such as research managers. 

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to… 
  • Develop an understanding of the concept of research impact in the Higher Education context 
  • Evaluate the motivating factors for engaging in the research impact agenda 
  • Explain the benefits that impact-driven research can bring to the economy and society 
  • Identify success factors for impact-driven research 
  • Identify success factors for collaborating with a wide range of different stakeholders including industry and civil society