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Course Overview

This course, offers you the opportunity to build in-demand skills in healthcare teaching.

You’ll learn through educational videos, readings, recommended reference books, crowd-sourced recommendations, and discussion with the course educators and other learners. You’ll build your knowledge of educational theory as it relates to education in the health professions and better understand the diverse learning styles and motivations of adult learners.

  • Adult learning theory, including learning styles and motivation, metacognition, social learning theory, and professional identity formation.
  • Formulating Intended Learning Outcomes, including Bloom’s Taxonomy, Miller’s pyramid and clinical competence, and Dryfus’ model of skill acquisition.
  • Instructional design and individual assessment, including multiple-choice question writing, skill assessment, oral presentation, and rubrics and standardization.
  • Knowledge transfer, including active learning in large lecture formats, supportive questioning, and “Big Ticket” technique.
  • Skill development, including simulation, teaching with data, and clinical reasoning.
  • Attitudes in instructional techniques, including reflection, feedback, and incorporating art, music, and theatre.
  • Teaching with technology, including large lecture format, synchronous versus asynchronous formats, and high fidelity clinical simulations.

This course is designed for anyone actively engaged in a health professions setting such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, social work, and public health. It will be particularly useful for those involved in medical education and teaching members of the health professions.

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to..
  • Summarize educational theory as it relates to health professions education
  • Design instructional methods to achieve desired educational outcomes
  • Assess a variety of applied teaching techniques
  • Collaborate and share successful teaching strategies