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Course Overview

Discover digital learning and accelerate digital transformation in the classroom

How can teachers adapt their classroom practice to a developing digital world?

On this course, you will explore the opportunities and challenges of moving from using long-established print technologies to new working principles introduced by digital technologies.

You will be introduced to the ways to plan for a digital classroom and approaches to predict the outcome of using digital technologies in your teaching practice.

This course will deepen your understanding of the digital world, as you follow authentic examples from the classroom and discover how you can benefit your teaching practice.

  • Introduction to perspectives on technology in organizational studies
  • Strategies for planning use of digital technologies in educational setting
  • Strategies for implementing use of digital technologies in educational setting

This course is designed for teachers in schools at all levels who are interested in using digital technology to transform their teaching practice.

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…
  • Reflect upon the meaning of digitalization and relate the term to the 4th Industrial Revolution, the relationships between new technologies and organizing of work and the network society and social networks and digital technologies.
  • Explain how the introduction of new digital technologies in a teaching setting challenges established teachings practices, and what consequences new digital technologies can have on teachings practices.
  • Describe the planning of a digital classroom practice by selecting digital technologies, use the method of node-mapping, work with themes and create learning activities with use of digital technologies.