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Course Overview

Explore how engaging with research can transform your teaching practice

As an educator, research provides you with the opportunity to improve your teaching and better support your students. On this course, you’ll discover how to find education research, assess its quality, and apply its insights.

You’ll explore and evaluate research from a range of online and peer-reviewed sources as you learn to assess their reliability and usability. You’ll also discover powerful search techniques and learn to analyse your research findings.

Upon completion of this course, you’ll feel confident finding and engaging with research and applying it to your teaching practice.

  • Week 1. How might engaging with research transform your practice? Popular sources: Google search and its perils or how to go wrong on Twitter.
  • Week 2. How might you go about locating research to inform your practice? Major research organisations and the research they do and promote.
  • Week 3. How might you go about selecting the most significant research to engage with? Open access sources: finding great research that’s free.
  • Week 4. How might you most effectively judge the research you come into contact with and move to implement? Is it any good and what does it tell me?

This course is designed for teachers who work in early years, primary, secondary and further education settings.

It will also be of interest to education professionals working outside of school settings.

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…
  • Use effective search techniques to locate useful research using a variety of sources
  • Navigate research papers, identifying the significance of research findings
  • Recognise the influence of bias or position on engagement with research
  • Carry out successful searches that lead to locating significant pieces of research
  • Analyse research and consider possible implications of findings for your context