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Course Overview

Unavailability of essential clinical equipment can be a serious problem in low-resource settings. Whilst medical equipment donations can play a critical role in filling gaps, without careful planning, donations can fail and even become a burden on the receiving institution.

On this course, developed in collaboration with the Tropical Health Education Trust (THET), you‘ll learn best practices in planning a donation of medical equipment to a low-resource setting. You’ll discover how to decide what to donate to have the greatest long-term impact, how to ensure your donation will be sustainable, and the key pitfalls to consider.

  • Introduction to the challenges of healthcare in low-resource settings
  • Planning a donation: assessing what is needed
  • Feasibility and sustainability – is this going to work?
  • Options when sourcing the equipment: local versus international suppliers
  • Second-hand equipment donations
  • Medical device regulations
  • Usage and maintenance supplies
  • Budgeting and hidden costs

This course is designed for healthcare professionals – including medical students – considering donations of medical equipment to low-resource healthcare settings.

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…
  • Identify important stakeholders and other resources to consult when planning a donation of medical equipment.
  • Describe the different steps in the medical equipment lifecycle, and consider what will be required at each stage to ensure the donation is both feasible and sustainable.
  • Assess common risks and pitfalls that may threaten the success of a donation.
  • Evaluate the different options available when sourcing equipment to donate, considering quality, the pros and cons and sustainability.
  • Describe which costs to include when budgeting for the cost of a donation, and describe an example of how to structure a budget.
  • Debate specific issues around the donation of equipment during the Covid-19 pandemic, including the problem of counterfeit PPE.