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Course Overview

Major advances in technology are driving innovation in healthcare. On this course, you will explore the global landscape of medical device trends by looking at the past, present, and future of medical technology development.

You will be introduced to the key factors driving the development of innovative medical equipment, and learn how medical devices are classified. You will also explore medical device regulation as you follow the product development process of a new medical device, from identifying the clinical need to launching the final product.

An introduction to MedTech

  • Understanding the past, the current context and future of healthcare challenges
  • Challenges for MedTech to overcome
  • How do we know MedTech is safe to use?

How do MedTech products get developed and launched?

  • Establishing a need
  • Designing with regard to regulations
  • Understanding the MedTech market

This course is appropriate for anyone interested in MedTech and product design. The course will be of particular interest to undergraduate students studying engineering, product design, and disciplines related to healthcare, and professionals working in the healthcare sector in a medical capacity or as MedTech designers.

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…
  • Discuss the impact of medical technologies (MedTech) on anticipated future demands for improved healthcare.
  • Explain the opportunities and challenges encountered during the medical device product development process.
  • Describe the medical device development process, from clinical need through to regulatory approval and product introduction.
  • Apply a medical device development process to an exemplar MedTech product.