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Course Overview

This three-week course provides the tools you need to succeed at interviews and land your dream job or course place. 

Being offered an interview is exciting but can be quite daunting. On this course, our experts here at Ozone will make sure you are prepared for the big day. 

If you’re still at the stage of writing your CV and submitting applications for a job or course, join our course How to Succeed at: Writing Applications. 

Week 1:

  • Getting ready for the day 
  • Thorough preparation does work
  • Dealing with interviews 
  • Summary of the week 

Week 2:

  • Creating a positive impression 
  • Getting to grips with interview questions 
  • Closing stages 
  • End of week summary 

Week 3:

  • Successful telephone and video interviews 
  • Other non-standard interviews 
  • End of course summary 
Who is the course for? 

This course is designed for anyone applying for jobs or courses. It will be of particular interest to those in the early stages of their career, or those who are out of practice and need to update their skills. No prior knowledge or expertise are needed. 

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to… 

  • Improve your chances of success in getting a job or securing a place on a university course 
  • Apply best practice techniques to enable you to tackle interviews for jobs, apprenticeships, placements and university courses more effectively 
  • Identify what recruiters are looking for by researching an organisation or institution thoroughly, and identifying what skills and attributes recruiters might be looking for 
  • Identify what questions you may be asked at interview, and how to approach answering different types of interview questions 
  • Develop a better understanding of your strengths, skills and key selling points to tackle interviews with confidence 
  • Develop an understanding of different types of interviews, from telephone and video interviews, to non-standard interviews, and how to tackle them