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Award Aims

This award aims to provide Polish speaking learners with an understanding of UK food safety, and the food safety related operational knowledge to perform the role of food handler in the catering and hospitality setting in the UK. The award follows the nationally recognised level 2 food handler syllabus (formerly basic food hygiene certificate) and covers professional guidelines including EHO and FSA requirements. Relevant settings include all premises providing food to the general public
including commercial, not-for-profit and volunteer settings.

QUALIFI Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering (Polish Translation) (AFS2PSFG2017)
Accredited Endorsed Level 2 Award accredited by QUALIFI
QUALIFI is a UK Awarding Organisation regulated by OFQUAL

Award ReferenceAFS2PSFG2012
Award TypeEndorsed Award with equivalence at RQF Level 2
Guided Learning Hours6-8 hours
Level 2
Credit value1
AssessmentMultiple choice examination (online)
DeliveryVideo and text online with tutor support 
Launched (review)2017 (2020) 

The QUALIFI Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering (Polish Translation) is an award aimed at Polish speaking food handlers operating within the UK catering and hospitality industries. This includes those involved in all aspects of  andling food from delivery, to storage, preparation, cooking and service.
Candidates gaining this award will understand that food safety is the responsibility of everyone involved in all stages and aspects of food production and service. They will gain an insight into the legal basis for safe food production in the UK, and how physical, chemical and micro-biological hazards threaten food safety, and these hazards can be controlled. They will also learn the importance of good personal hygiene, and the food handler’s role in a HACCP based Food Safety
Management system.
The award follows the nationally recognised level 2 syllabus for food handlers (formerly known as the basic food hygiene certificate) and covers professional standards and guidelines placed on all catering premises by Environmental Health (EHOs), the Foods Standards Agency (FSA) and sector skills councils.

There are no prerequisites for this award. It is however advised that learners have a minimum of Level 1 in Polish or English Language and Level 1 Maths or equivalent.

QUALIFI Level 3 Award in Food Safety for Supervisors (AFS3SFG2013) (English language version only).

This award is made up of one mandatory unit. Candidates must successfully complete the assessment for the unit via online multi-choice examination to achieve the award. The award can be gain as a free standing unit qualification or as part of a wider programme of learning. Both learning content and the examination are Polish language translations approved as appropriate with close equivalence to the English language version of this course and award.

This award is assessed via a 30 question multiple-choice examination in written Polish, tested online and with a guide completion time of 1 hour. Successful candidates must answer a minimum of 25 questions out of 30 correctly (83%). Following assessment, the assessment result will be provided to the candidate, and certificates for those who are successful are generated and provided electronically.

This award is provided for delivery to Polish speaking learners aged 16+ yrs. Please contact us to arrange for learners under this age or if the language version is not appropriate for the learner.

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