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Award Aims

This award aims to provide learners with an understanding of the personal attributes, attitudes and behaviours expected by most UK employers of their staff, particularly those looking to progress within the organisation. It seeks to explore factors associated with becoming a successful employee that conducts themselves in a professional manner.
The award also challenges the learner to consider how other people, including employers, colleagues, and customers are likely to perceive them at work. This award is suitable for those joining a new employer, those already in work, and those working on a voluntary basis in a role requiring interaction with colleagues and customers that requires the volunteer to represent the
organisation’s brand in a positive and appropriate manner.

QUALIFI Level 2 Award in Professional Skills
Accredited Endorsed Level 2 award accredited by QUALIFI
QUALIFI is a UK Awarding Organisation regulated by OFQUAL

Award ReferenceAPS2SFG2017
Award TypeEndorsed Award with equivalence at RQF Level 2
Guided Learning Hours30 hours
Level 2
Credit value3
AssessmentMultiple choice examination (online)
DeliveryVideo and text online with tutor support 
Launched (review)2017 (2020)

This Level 2 award is designed to address an identified requirement within the UK employers for a short study programme focused on developing an understanding what employers require from new staff in terms of their professionalism and general approach to work. In a competitive marketplace it is important for employers to recruit staff with appropriate characteristics, and for new staff to understand what is expected of them.
Such an approach is mutually beneficial and in establishing a ‘baseline’ for productive and fulfilling work, with both parties enjoying greater levels of retention, job satisfaction and prospects for progression.
This unit is structured around developing an insight into what constitutes professionalism in the workplace. It builds on the definition of professionalism by considering the importance of communication, teamwork and initiative in the workplace, then considers punctuality and timemanagement, money, safety and the changing expectations of customers in recent years. It finally bring all these concepts together in a concluding section that considers the learner as a holistic or ‘complete professional’ and asks them to consider how employers, colleagues and customers are likely to perceive them at work.

There are no prerequisites for this award. It is advised that learners have a minimum of Level 1 in English and Math’s or equivalent (advisory minimum of Level 2 in English).

This award is made up of 10 elements (chapters) one mandatory. Candidates must successfully complete the assessment for the unit via online multi-choice examination to achieve the award. The award can be gain as a free-standing unit qualification or as part of a wider programme of learning.

Chapter 1: Professionalism
Chapter 2: Communication
Chapter 3: Teamwork
Chapter 4: Initiative
Chapter 5: Organisation
Chapter 6: Time
Chapter 7: Money
Chapter 8: Safety
Chapter 9: Customers
Chapter 10: You

This award is comprised of formative and summative assessments.
Formative testing – Formative testing consists of passing every module’s test (multi-choice at end of module). Study and exam activity and achievement data will be recorded for every test.
Summative testing – Final exam comprising 10 questions from each module (6 modules in total).
Total 60 questions. Total time allowed 90mins. Study and exam activity and achievement data recorded for every test.
Total data record at end comprises 7 exam records (6 module ones and an overall summative one) with learner record, study record, exam and achievement data.
Following assessments, result will be provided to the candidate, and certificates for those who are successful are generated and provided electronically.

This award is provided for delivery to learners aged 18+ yrs.

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