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Award Aims

The aim of this unit is to enable learners to gain a supervisory understanding of how food business operators can gain compliance with food safety legislation, how good hygiene practices and processes can be applied to maintain or improve safety, and how appropriate supervision of food handlers influences the safe production of food in a commercial catering environment. Relevant settings include all premises providing food to the general public including commercial, not-forprofit and volunteer settings.

QUALIFI Level 3 Award in Food Safety for Supervisors (AFS3SFG2013).
Accredited Endorsed Level 3 Award accredited by QUALIFI.
QUALIFI is a UK Awarding Organisation regulated by OFQUAL.

Award ReferenceAFS3SFG2013
Award TypeEndorsed Award with equivalence at QCF level 3
Guided Learning Hours18-24 hours
Level 3
Credit value3
AssessmentMultiple choice examination (online)
DeliveryVideo and text online with tutor support 
Launched (review)2013 (2019) 

This award introduces learners to the principles of food safety supervision in a commercial catering environment i.e. where food is produced or served to members of the public. All establishments serving food to the general public, whether commercial, institutional or voluntary, must to have adequate food safety supervision staffing and procedures in place, enabling them to comply with the law and produce food in a consistently safe manner.
Candidates initially consider compliance issues, how legislation affects a commercial kitchen environment, who is responsible for ensuring compliance, and the importance of gaining a good due-diligence defence through good supervision, training, systems and documentation. Candidates then develop knowledge of the science of food poisoning, examining how and why food poisoning occurs, before identifying the most common food poisoning offenders. They then examine hazards and the role that cross-contamination often plays in the spread of dangerous food poisoning
The the programme enters a more practical phase by examining the importance of systems and procedures in food production, particularly focusing on Food Safety Management Systems, including HACCP principles, defining control and critical control points, and practicalities of implementing and managing such systems. Candidates then examine how food spoilage occurs and the importance of good temperature control in food safety, before covering how cleaning and waste management, good personal hygiene, and good premises design and pest control all play a vital role in maintaining standards and food safety.
Finally the course focuses on the supervisor’s role in food safety; defining the knowledge, skills and qualities that supervisors need to develop, considering communication issues in a team setting, and the importance of training. Study concludes with a consideration of ethical and environment issues increasingly affecting decision makers (supervisors & managers) in the food industry.

The advised prerequisite for entry is successful completion of a Level 2 Food Handler award (QUALIFI Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering AFS2SFG2012 or equivalent). In addition, it is advised that learners have a minimum of Level 2 in English and level 1 Maths or equivalent.

This award is made up of one mandatory unit. Candidates must successfully complete the assessment for the unit via online multi-choice examination to achieve the award. The award can be gain as a free standing unit qualification or as part of a wider programme of learning.

This award is assessed via a 60 question multiple-choice examination, tested online and with a guide completion time of 2 hours. Successful candidates can gain a pass or merit mark. To gain a pass, candidates must answer 40 out of 60 questions correctly (67%). To gain a merit, candidates must answer 50 out of 60 questions correctly (83%). Following assessment, the assessment result will be provided to the candidate, and certificates for those who are successful in gaining a pass or merit will be generated and provided electronically and via printed certificate.

This award is provided for delivery to learners aged 16+ yrs.

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