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Course Overview

Almost all startups need external financing, but new entrepreneurs rarely have training in fundraising. On this course, you’ll learn the basics of financing a start-up. You’ll explore how important financial backing is for success and how to attract and negotiate with investors.

  • How to identify and convince potential investors?
  • How to estimate the financing need and the value of the venture?
  • How to negotiate with equity investors?
  • How to prepare and succeed in the post-investment phase?

This course is aimed at entrepreneurs who are considering or preparing a financing round. It can also be useful for students of entrepreneurship or management, and to anyone wishing to get a better understanding of the actors, processes and consequences of a financing round. A general knowledge in business will help, though it is not required.

By the end of the course you will receive an Ozone certification.  This certification is evidence that you are able to…
  • Identify the potential investors in startups and understand their decision process and their selection criteria
  • Design a sound financing plan in order to estimate the financing needs and the value of the startup, which determines the founders ‘dilution when raising equity
  • Reflect on the process and the main issues of the negotiation of agreements between founders and external investors along successive financing rounds
  • Identify the key points to watch in order to succeed the post-investment phase and prepare the exit.