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Course Overview

This course provides a unique look at the Agile approach to software development. It explains how the iterative way of working, continuously learning as you progress, is the best way to deliver useful, valuable results.

Agile is widely adopted in digital teams, but it often fails to deliver on its promise due to poor implementation. Throughout this course, you’ll explore how it works in real life, not just as a mechanical process.

What is Agile all about?
  • The purpose, principles and benefits of Agile
  • How Agile works
  • A taste of some deeper topics
Making a difference with Agile
  • Product leadership
  • The Scrum Master role
  • Successful Agile teams in practice

This course is primarily intended for people with little practical knowledge of Agile who need to take on one of the non-engineering roles in an Agile digital team.

It will also be useful for people who have done an Agile certification but who want to balance it with a more real-life perspective, and for business leaders who need an awareness of what Agile is all about.

By the end of the course you will receive an Ozone certification.  This certification is evidence that you are able to…
  • Explain the principles and benefits of Agile
  • Apply core Agile processes and techniques on digital projects
  • Describe and compare the Scrum Master and Product Owner roles
  • Identify and discuss some of the typical challenges of Agile