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Course Overview

Learn how interfaith dialogue builds resilience to the influences of extremism

On this course, you’ll be introduced to interfaith and learn how to implement interfaith initiatives to encourage understanding between faiths and communities.

You’ll uncover radicalisation and extremism and learn how interfaith can contribute to resilience, which you’ll discover is key when responding to violence and polarisation.

You’ll also explore the practical challenges of conducting interfaith actions and dialogue, and use your experience to develop your own approach to dealing with issues that support the spreading of extremist ideas.


Introduction to the Course

Violent Extremism and Polarisation

Understanding Resilience

Week 2

Interfaith and Resilience

The Context of Interfaith

Barriers and enablers to interfaith

How does interfaith work?

Week 3

Creating an Interfaith Project

Putting interfaith into practice

Planning your own project

Mobilising resources and assessing impact

Final Assignment

This course is designed for anyone interested in radicalisation, but will be of particular interest to civil society activists, religious organisations, formal and non-formal educators, social workers and local authorities.

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…

  • resilience to violent extremism and how it can be achieved
  • Assess different approaches to interfaith dialogue and interfaith education projects
  • Develop your own interfaith dialogue project
  • Evaluate the impact of different interfaith approaches to preventing and combating polarisation in society