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Course Overview

Learn about key education research methods and how to use them 

Connecting insights from existing research to practice and building on this to design realistic and high-quality research projects can be challenging. Understanding research methods is crucial to making this simpler. 

On this course, you’ll get a grounding in the key research methods used in education research and consider the benefits and pitfalls of different methods. 

You’ll engage critically with research methods that will help you to be better informed when reading research and better able to select the best methods to use when designing research in your own setting 

Week 1 
  • Qualitative and action research – doing education research with teachers and children. 
Week 2 
  • Quantitative methods and statistical analysis – interrogate school performance. 
Week 3 
  • Research synthesis and review – using different approaches synthesis and review to support evidence-based practice. 
Week 4 
  • Mixed methods and interdisciplinary research – engaging with the ‘Science of Learning’.

This course is for teachers working in early years, primary, secondary and further education settings. It would also be of interest to other education professionals. 

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to… 
  • Understand the range of research methods that might be useful in researching education 
  • Understand qualitative approaches and action research with children and teachers inside learning settings 
  • Understand quantitative approaches and statistical methods in the context of school performance measures 
  • Understand techniques for synthesis and review of research reports with a focus on evidence-based policy and practice 
  • Understand mixed methods and interdisciplinary research drawing on new work on the ‘science of learning’