Dr Merdzana Obralic Cibiz
Lecturer Business Management

Dr. Merdžana Obralić Cibiz, is a professional researcher and experienced academic in the field of business management, with 13 years of working experience in Higher Education.Dr. Obralić Cibiz gained her Doctorate in Management Science in 2014. She has a proven background in designing and implementing a management sciences research agenda and creating successful curriculum programs for students. She teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students across a broad range of courses, with a student-centred approach that is very present in her classes. She has advised master and doctoral students and chaired the International Conference on Economic and Social Studies (ICESoS), and currently, she is the chair of the International Conference on Administration, Management and Social Studies (ICAMS). Dr. Obralić Cibiz has run and developed many workshops, programmes, and projects that focus on business and management.

She has published a few books and many papers in different areas of business and management.