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Course Overview

Explore strategies to support the language needs of learners

With increased migration and refugee flows, most teachers are encountering increasingly diverse students in their mainstream classrooms. This course is designed for teachers at all levels, working with language learners across the curriculum.

This course will give you new insight into the different aspects of language, the language learning process and the demands of different curricular areas. It will enable you to enrich your daily practice to ensure the needs of the language learners are met.

  • What does language involve and what does language learning involves?
  • What kind of pedagogies can support the language learner in content lessons?
  • How can I develop speaking and listening skills for my ESL learners in my mainstream classroom?
  • How can I develop reading and writing skills for my ESL learners in my mainstream classroom?
  • How can I enrich my feedback and classroom talk to better help the language learner?

Practising teachers, both primary and secondary, offering English medium instruction in schools. An initial teaching qualification, or experience working in English medium classrooms, is desirable.

While the Educators themselves aren’t available to facilitate this run, we encourage you to engage with other learners and there are opportunities to do this throughout the course.

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…
  • Explore the multiple dimensions involved in learning a language
  • Discuss how language learners can differ in their circumstances and needs
  • Interpret the different registers and genres of language at work in school settings
  • Design strategies and activities that can support language learners in mainstream classes

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