Ambereen Hussain
Teaching and Learning Manager
Ben O’Connor
Head of Academics
Zallekha Hussain
Learning Experience Manager
Benjamin Hawthorne
Health and Social Care Lecturer
Dr Paul Turner
Senior Lecturer – BM
Dr Venkateswaran Raman
Senior Lecturer TM
Armani Habib
Lecturer Leadership and HRD
Tim O’Connor
Business Management Lecturer
Dr. Jawdat Altarawneh
Lecturer Business and IT
Dr Ali Kamali
Lecturer Business & MIS
Dr Sara Darabi
Lecturer Sociology
Sana Malik
Lecturer Architecture and Design
Dr Umer Mukhtar
Lecturer BA and MS
Dr Rabah Ibrahim Odeh
Lecturer Information and CT
Nina Pearl Doe
Lecturer Computer Engineering
Dr George Al Rahbani
Lecturer SM and IM
Dr Zubala Yasir
Food & Nutrition Specialist