Migration, Mobilities and Citizenship

Course Overview   Duration Weekly Study Teaching Method Course Fee Duration 2 Weeks Weekly Study 3 Hours Teaching Method 100% Online Course Fee £25 Topics / Syllabus What is understood by ‘migrant’ in data, law and media/public opinion What the consequences are of these different […]

Medicine Administration for Carers

Course Overview On this course you will learn about the underlying principles and procedures of medicine administration. You will consider the legislation and guidance surrounding medicines administration, including requirements for medicines storage and record keeping. You will also learn the 6 ‘Rs’ of medicine administration: […]

Introduction to Food Science

Course Overview Food and health information is often oversimplified by the media, and recommendations can be inaccurately reported and contradictory to current recommendations. By understanding and learning more about what’s in our food, we can make smarter, more sustainable, and healthier food choices. On this […]

Introduction to Breastfeeding for Medical Students

Course Overview This informative course, provides an introduction for medical students about breastfeeding, including what is in human milk, why breastfeeding matters and how best to support families. You will investigate the benefits of breastfeeding, from improved health for both babies and their mothers, to […]

Instructional Methods in Health Professions Education

Course Overview This course, offers you the opportunity to build in-demand skills in healthcare teaching. You’ll learn through educational videos, readings, recommended reference books, crowd-sourced recommendations, and discussion with the course educators and other learners. You’ll build your knowledge of educational theory as it relates […]