Effective Questioning for Call Handlers

Course Overview How an organisation handles phone calls can have a direct impact on its success – a badly handled call can mean limited information that might affect service delivery, customer satisfaction and even safety. On this course you will learn to evaluate how call […]

Starting a Business 5: Managing Finances

Course Overview The management of finances is crucial to a successful business; financial information provides the evidence to support your decisions about a business and helps to justify those decisions when you present them to other people. Whether you have an idea for a future […]

Social Enterprise: Business Doing Good

Course Overview Can business do good? In this course, we explore different models of social enterprise and the local and global problems that they aim to address. If you work with a social enterprise or are thinking about launching one, this course provides a valuable […]

Business Ethics: Exploring Big Data and Tax Avoidance

Course Overview Ethical behaviour brings significant benefits to businesses such as attracting employees, customers and investors. But failure to manage it properly can create huge challenges. On this course, you’ll discover big data and tax avoidance. You’ll examine the benefits and ethical challenges inherent to […]

Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management

Course Overview Learn how to ensure your projects run smoothly Projects are all around us. Virtually every organisation runs projects, either formally or informally. In this course you will learn planning principles and execution methods so your projects can be run more effectively and efficiently […]

Foundations of Project Management

Course Overview What is project management? What are the essential concepts of project management? What factors affect the state of a project? Answer these questions and others with this course. You’ll be taught the essentials of project management, including theoretical and applied perspectives. You’ll study […]

Uncovering Your Entrepreneurial Potential

Course Overview Reflect on and develop your own entrepreneurial approach to work Taking an entrepreneurial approach to work can be useful in a range of contexts, not just starting your own company. This course will challenge your ideas about entrepreneurship and innovation and demonstrate how […]

Business Model Thinking

Course Overview Learn how to add real value to your business: Do you have a business idea? Can your idea make a difference? This course delves into the use of business model thinking and other business techniques to develop big business ideas into business opportunities. […]