MedTech: Digital Health and Wearable Technology

Course Overview Digital devices are revolutionising healthcare as we know it. On this course, you will explore the impact of these new technologies on healthcare professionals and their patients. Learn how digital devices in healthcare are designed and regulated, and explore if clinical supervision in […]

MedTech: AI and Medical Robots

Course Overview On this course, you will learn what robots are and explore human robot interaction (HRI) in healthcare. You will identify the challenges of designing robots for healthcare and look at what MedTech scientists are doing to solve them. Using case studies, you will […]

Effective Questioning for Call Handlers

Course Overview How an organisation handles phone calls can have a direct impact on its success – a badly handled call can mean limited information that might affect service delivery, customer satisfaction and even safety. On this course you will learn to evaluate how call […]

Introduce a Digital Change in the Classroom

Course Overview How can teachers adapt their classroom practice to a developing digital world? On this course, you will explore the opportunities and challenges of moving from using long-established print technologies to new working principles introduced by digital technologies. You will be introduced to the […]

Web Development – Introduction

Course Overview On this course from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, you’ll first build a website using HTML, style it with CSS, and then make it interactive using JavaScript. Along the way you’ll learn about the box model, which describes how websites are laid out by […]

Respecting Our Differences Online

Course Overview Explore how our differences of opinion can bring us closer together On this course, you’ll explore ways to make the online world safe for everyone and learn how we can use technology to celebrate our differences online. Can differences of opinion bring us […]